Q: What if the item I ordered arrives damaged?

A: Refunds and exchanges will only be available for damaged. If your item is damaged en route to you, please email sebastian@flickanimation.com with your order number and a photo of the damaged item.

Q: How will I know when my order has shipped and how can I track my order?

A.You will receive a notification via e-mail once your order has shipped along with respective tracking information.

Q: Why didn’t I receive confirmation when my order was placed?

A.Due to the high volume of traffic. Please e-mail us at sebastian@flickanimation.com so that we can provide you with confirmation that your order is in good standing to be processed.

Q: Why didn’t I receive all of the items that I ordered in this shipment?

A: Please send an e-mail to us directly at sebastian@flickanimation.com so we can help further assist you!

Q: How do I cancel my order?

A: Please send an e-mail to  sebastian@flickanimation.com.